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Why PowerWallet Can Help You Save for the Holidays NOW!

by on September 10, 2012

Just like that, Summer time is gone and September is here transitioning many of us from humid hot to cool chilly weather. Besides the awesome change in weather conditions, now is the perfect time to start strategizing and saving for the holidays. Do you recall last year feeling stressed about your accumulation of credit card debt or money you didn’t have for holiday expenses you couldn’t avoid? Planning ahead is one crucial element to avoiding those same depressing feelings this holiday season.

The American Research Group, Inc. claimed that on average, Americans spent almost $700 on gifts for the 2011 holiday season. That doesn’t even include fancy holiday dinners, outfits, traveling expenses, decorations, etc. So our advice to you is to sign up for PowerWallet (it’s FREE!), and start planning now so in three months, you will be prepared and ready to deal with all the financial burdens that come along with the festive winter season. Below are 5 ways you can get the most out of PowerWallet to help you achieve your holiday financial goals.

1. Make a plan – If possible, try to see how much you spent last holiday season. Then, go through your plans for this holiday season and try to realistically estimate how much you will need to cover all your holiday costs. You can create a plan within PowerWallet to help you achieve your financial goals.

2. Set savings goal – Determine realistic savings goals (short-term and long-term) so you don’t find yourself in crazy credit card debt in the New Year. PowerWallet can help you achieve your financial goals easier and send you saving goal progress notifications so you can always know where you are at when it comes to your financial status. Remember to be realistic and over-estimate than underestimate your holiday costs.

3. Get spending limit alerts – While creating yourself a long-term budget with PowerWallet over the next four months, try to cut down your expenses in some of your shopping categories at least for the months of September and October and put that excess money in a holiday savings account. One way to stay on top of your expenses is to set up spending alerts within PowerWallet.

4. Schedule bill pay reminders – Even though the holidays may require you to spend more on discretionary items, you still have to stay on top of your monthly regular bills. With PowerWallet, it’s easy to stay on top of your bill due dates with our Bill Calendar and bill pay alerts.

5. Take advantage of awesome PowerSavers – Whether its holiday dinner entrees, decorations or traveling plans, make sure to check out PowerWallet’s customized coupons and deals. We call them PowerSavers and you can use them to get the most bang for your hard earned bucks this holiday season. With our deals and coupons, you can save up to 50 percent on hotels, airfare, holiday gifts, seasonal outfits and more for FREE!

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