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Powerful Features That Can Help Your Finances

by on August 27, 2012

By Samantha Savory









PowerWallet is a new online money management tool that is 100% FREE! Yep, that means that you can sign up for free and manage all of your financial and bill accounts at no cost! Our free online money management tool offers the best financial tools and money saving technologies combined in one product to give Americans like you the power to take control of their money and bills. PowerWallet can help you and others establish a solid basic financial education that will allow you to be financially successful.

Curious about the features that PowerWallet offers? Below are our top features that you can take advantage when you sign up!

The Power to Plan – PowerWallet allows users to link an unlimited number of online bill accounts as well as financial/investment accounts into PowerWallet so users can get a real-time view of their current financial situation. From there, users can create a budget, plan for the future and see where they can cut costs. Users can also learn to live within their means with our helpful email spending limit alerts.

The Power over Bills – Users can view their monthly calendar and get an overview about when each of their bills is due and how much is due. They can also set up email bill alert reminders to remind them to pay a bill so they never miss a bill and pay a late fee or interest.

Powerful Deals – Rather than searching through your emails or different deals/coupon sites, PowerWallet offers customized coupons and daily deals via email and within the platform. Customized coupons are offer based on the user’s geographical location as well as their spending history.

Power to Earn – PowerWallet offers a rewards program that no other personal financial management (PFM) tool currently offers. So not only can users budget, get bill alerts, and access to great customized coupons, they can earn money! Users can currently earn PowerPoints for budgeting with PowerWallet. Coming this fall, users will be allowed to redeem those points for cash back on a PowerCard.

Powerfully Secure – PowerWallet is committed to protecting user’s personal information. We use 256-bit SSL encryption and are protected by VeriSign, McAfee, and Trustee. We also test and certify our site daily to protect users from identity theft, viruses, spyware and other online threats. The platform is a “read-only” product which means that no one can transfer or remove funds from a financial account, which garners as an additional safety feature to using PowerWallet compared to mobile banking/credit apps.

PowerWallet on the Go – PowerWallet currently offers a fully functional mobile site that functions just like an app. It is easy to navigate and update via any Smartphone device and tablet. Whether users want to manage their money from their desktop computer or on the go via their Smartphone, they can easily access PowerWallet and add new accounts, transactions, budgets and more – something our competitors do not offer. PowerWallet expects to launch an iPhone application this fall.

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