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10 Back-to-School Kick Off Tips

by on August 15, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Millions of kids have just 5 days until they head back to school and start another school year. If you are a parent, are you fully prepared for your kids first day back?  Today’s blog post offers 10 back-to-school kick off tips that will help them start the year off in the right direction.

1. Go to sleep early the night before — This is very important and may be a challenge, but make sure your kids get at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep and are well rested so they aren’t difficult to wake up in the morning.

2. Plan lunch/snacks for the entire week ahead of time — Make sure to get your grocery shopping duties out of the way the weekend before and cook and prepare everything on Sunday, so when the week comes, you won’t be overwhelmed between work and your kids school needs.

3. Layout first day of school attire — Whether your child has to wear uniforms or can wear casual clothes, make sure they have it planned out and ready to go so when the morning comes, they won’t waste time trying to assemble their outfit.

4. Preview classroom location in advance –You don’t want your kids lost and wind up running late on their first day because they can’t find the classroom. Have them

5. Get your kids new class schedule — Most schools should distribute this at least a week in advance of the first day of school. You want your kids to be familiar with their schedule so they are fully prepared to do well in school!

6. Meet the teachers — Most schools usually offer a new orientation or a meet and greet a few days before school starts. We recommend all parents do this to establish a good relationship with your kids teacher and make sure you communicate any issues you may worried about in the coming school year.

7. Leave the house early — the first day of school may be chaotic and the new on-set of traffic may make it tough to get to school on time. Make sure to leave your home early by at least an additional 15 minutes so your kids aren’t late on their first day back.

8. Give them a little cash — Your kids may have an emergency or just be very hungry on their first day back, make sure they have some cash on them for these types of situations.

9. Double check school supplies — Make sure that your kids have all the proper school supplies in their backpacks. It would be a tragedy if you spent all your free time shopping for school supplies and then forget to pack them all.

10. Check for paperwork — The first day of school usually entails a ton of paperwork that parents have to sign. Make sure to follow up with your kids at the end of the day for any papers you may need to sign or read.


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