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Frugal Tips for Throwing an Olympic Watch Party

by on July 30, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Friday was the official kick-off of the 2012 Olympics taking place in London, England. Did you get a chance to catch the opening ceremony? This year was the first Olympic Games where everyone took to Twitter and Facebook to offer up their review of the ceremony and winners.  Whether you found Ryan Seacrest irritating or found NBC’s coverage less than appealing, as many did trending #NBCFail, it was definitely a sight to see! James Bond along with the queen of England made cameos and Team USA showed up in American themed Ralph Lauren outfits that caused a little controversy because, as most American goods, they were made in China. Ironic much? Our American athletes proved how social our country is by pulling out their cell phones and videotaping a part of their opening ceremony experience. After all, Facebook and Twitter was created in the USA! As the games continue on throughout over the next few weeks, here are a few frugal tips to throwing your own watch party!

1. Make it a potluck – Rather than bearing the entire cost of feeding all of your friends and family members, make your watch party a potluck! Offer to make the main course and have your loved one’s bring the rest – sides, plates/utensils, drinks, etc.!

2. Decorate your place in frugal red, white and blue colors – Whether you are American or from another country, decorate your place in the colors of your home-countries flag!  Check your local dollar store and drug store for affordable decorative supplies and eating utensils.

3. Make Olympic ring themed desserts – You can make an Olympic ring cake or even jell-O cake to make the watch party more festive!  All you need is a solid colored cake or pie in the flavor of your choice and a bag of M&M’s. Place the appropriately colored M&M’s in the shape of the Olympic rings on top of your cake or pie. Ideally, the dessert should be a color that will allow the rings to pop, like white. If you are not a fan or cake or pie, you can buy a some plain, unglazed donuts and frost them using a glaze mixed with food coloring.

4. Homemade Games – You can do some fun quizzes about Olympian history or play “pin the ponytail on the gymnast.” And of course for everyone over 21-years-old, can mix the Olympian trivia game with a drinking game and make all the losers take shots or a sip of their alcoholic beverage!

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