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6 Frugal Friday Tips to Live by This Weekend

by on July 27, 2012

By Samantha Savory

1. Shop the sale rack – IF you find yourself shopping this weekend, head directly towards the sale rack. Don’t even tempt yourself by looking at items that are not economical for your budget!

2. See your movies during the day or on week days – I know today is the start of a new weekend, but if you have a few movies that you really want to see, save 30 or 40% on your movie ticket and wait to see it on a Monday after school or work.Your wallet will thank you later!

3. Bring your own snacks to the movies – On your way to the movies, stop at your local drug store and pick up your fav candy and snacks. You will ultimately end up saving 70%. You can pay up to $5.00 for a bottle of water at the movie theaters or $4 for a box of candy that is regularly $1 at Walgreens.

4. Make it a beach day! – All you need is your loved ones, some sunscreen, a bathing suit and a towel to make it a beach day which won’t hurt your wallet or budget!

5. Get 2 for 1 when you eat out – If you want to go out and enjoy a meal with your friends or family, do a quick search online for great deals. Restaurant chains like Olive Garden, Chilli’s and TGIF’s is offering great 2 for 1 drinks or 2 for $20 meals which can save you a ton!

6. Make a budget and stick to it! – This is perhaps the most important item on this list of frugal tips! Make sure to look at your upcoming bills and how much cash you currently have and budget accordingly. Visit to sign up for free and make managing your money easier!


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  1. These are fantastic tips

  2. Sally Hanson permalink

    happy friday frugnistas!

  3. Laura Garrett permalink

    There are so many awesome clearance sales going right now! Thanks you for the for the 411 on the sales PowerWallet and for helping to NOT overspend!!!! Its amazing how far I can stretch $50 bucks now! lol!

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