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Frugal Living: 6 Ways to Say No to Your Friends When it Comes to OverSpending

by on July 23, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Sometimes it can be hard to tell your friends you don’t have the money or cannot afford to go over your budget when it comes to doing fun things like going out to eat, vacationing or going shopping.  To be quite frank, you don’t really need to disclose to them your personal financial situation. To help you ease through the conversation about spending money while hanging out with your friends, we have compiled a list of ways you can tell your friends you are not interested in overspending on items or activities that are not essential.

1. I’m saving up for a big purchase – Instead of revealing how tight on cash you are, tell your friends about your financial goals and that you are cutting back on spending so much to achieve them. They will understand and respect your spending decisions and will hopefully not ask you to frivolously spend in the future.

2. Sorry, I can’t make that event – You don’t need to give a huge explanation as to why you won’t go somewhere that costs a lot. Make it simple and to the point, your friends will just have to understand.

3. I already ate but I would love to come & hang out – One of the reasons friends ask us to spend money is because they want us to spend time with them. If you get invited to dinner, you can always go but instead opt for an inexpensive drink instead of an entire meal.

4. I’m on a budget – You could be straight forward with your friends and family and tell them you don’t want to spend extra cash because you are determined to sticking to your budget.

5. I’ll pass – This is another vague and concise way to say no without giving too much personal information away.

6. I don’t have my wallet with me – This will definitely help you tell your friends that you cannot spend money. You can say you left it at a friend’s house, lost it or can’t find it at the moment and leave it at that.

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