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5 Crazy Summer Traveling Fees to Avoid

by on July 12, 2012

By Samantha Savory

We are in the peak of summer and many of you are gearing up to take a nice get-a-way trip, but don’t let the airline companies and hotel providers hit you up for extra fees that you could avoid. Planning ahead and doing a little research could save you up to $100 per person with the correct knowledge.  To make things a little easier for you on your next summer vacation, we have listed crazy fees that service providers are charging and ways to avoid them:

1. Carry-on bag fee – If it wasn’t bad enough that airlines are charging for stowaway luggage, now some are even charging for carry-on suitcases. Ridiculous, I know! Luckily for frugal travelers like yourself, you can fly with the airlines that not charging unnecessary fees like this one.  Spirit Airlines is notorious for charging for carry-on bags so even though the actual plane ticket may appear cheaper than other airlines, when you add up all the baggage fees, it’s really not.  Allegiant Air has also jumped on this bandwagon. Instead, check out SouthWest Airlines who offers a free carry-on and two stowaway bags or JetBlue who offers a free carry-on and one free stowaway bag.

2. Hotel parking – Depending on where you are visiting, many hotels are now charging up to $30 per night to park your car at their hotel. As insane as this may sound, make sure to look up what the parking fees are and consider that when booking your hotel. Get some exercise and park a few blocks from the hotel or even call the hotel to see if they can offer complimentary parking. Put forth some effort and make sure to do something to avoid such hefty fees!

3. Snacks – I was recently on a long flight to Los Angeles from Miami and I made the mistake of not packing any snacks. I ended up getting a cheese and cracker platter. Silly me, I never asked what the price was, assuming it couldn’t be more than $5.00. Later when I was checking my credit card statement, it turned out that small platter was $15.00!! Remember to pick up some snacks the night before that are easy to travel with – it could save you $30 to $50! Food on airplanes is rarely free anymore and snacks at gas stations on major highways tend to charge more.

4. Boarding pass fee – Some airlines are now charging customers for having their boarding passes printed by an airport agent. Avoid this fee by checking in online prior to arriving at the airport or use a self-service airport kiosk. Although Spirit Airlines is now charging $1 to print out a boarding pass at a kiosk at the airport. Of course, every airline is different so make sure to check the airlines website out to see the best way to avoid this fee.

5. Breakfast fee – Many hotels are starting to cut back on complimentary breakfast or are starting to charge an additional fee for breakfast.  Do your research and see what hotels still offer breakfast and do a quick price comparison to get the most bang for your buck while on vacay!


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