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9 Frugal Tips for a Summer Time Wedding

by on July 10, 2012

By Samantha Savory

On average, couples in the U.S. spend over $25,000 on their wedding and that does not include the honeymoon. With summer time in full effect, now is the time many soon-to-be brides and grooms are planning on tying the knot! It’s important to remember that marrying someone for the rest of your life isn’t just about your personal relationship; it also involves both parties having a financial relationship. Many couples fall deeply in love before they find out their spouse doesn’t have much money saved for their future or maybe even have some significant debt.  These are all things that should be discussed when it comes to merging your personal finances with your loved one. One financial aspect of a relationship is finding the means to pay for a wedding. In today’s blog post, we have come up with 10 frugal ways you can cut costs and still achieve your fairytale dream wedding!

1. Skip the wedding planner – Although having a planner seems like you will be less stressed about the logistics that go into planning a wedding, chances are you still going to be involved in the planning, so might as well get your closest (and most organized) friend and do the planning yourself. Also, once you see the total price of the wedding, including the hefty fee the wedding planner charged, you may become more stressed out than you had imagined.

2. Make e-vites – Forget the hassle of addressing envelopes, paying for postage stamps and then staying on top of who RSVP’d and who didn’t and instead create pretty electronic wedding invitations!  They cost a fourth of physical invitations and it’s easy for everyone to respond to with the convenience of Smartphones and tablets.

3. Have the ceremony at a beach, park or lake – Instead of paying thousands of dollars to have your wedding at a hotel or banquet hall, have it outside! The scenery is better and it will save you a ton of money!

4. Shop around for quotes on catering rates – When it comes to food for your wedding ceremony, shop around and don’t say yes to the first deal you are offered. Even think about having a mid-day wedding with hor d’oeuvres and appetizers rather than full course meals. Also, do not buy alcohol from a third party. Buy the alcohol yourself and set it up where it is easy and convenient for guests to make their own glasses.

5. Keep the guest list below 50 – Your wedding ceremony is supposed to be a special intimate day, so narrow down a list of your closest friends and keep the ceremony small so you can stay under budget. Once you surpass 50 guests, you can expect a hefty total cost at the end of all the wedding planning.

6. DIY your own flower arrangements – By going minimal on the flower arrangements and then finding some fun and creative flower arrangement ideas on Pinterest and wedding blogs, you can get a group of your friends and do it yourself!

7. Shop at sample sales or re-sale stores for your wedding dress – What’s the point in spending several thousand dollars on a dress you are only going to wear once? It is a huge ceremony and landmark in your life, but try shopping sample sales or second hand stores that re-sell wedding dresses – you could still find a fabulous dress for 50% less than your standard wedding dress store.

8. Make a list – Planning is essential to the wedding going smoothly. Make a list of all the things you want, how much they cost and then figure out what you can realistically afford and trim the unnecessary or uber expensive stuff! Do not diverge from the list! By keeping a tangible list with you throughout the planning process, you won’t get sidetracked or convinced into adding on extras that you don’t really need.

9. Train a friend to DJ – At least a month or two in advance, come up with the top 50 – 100 songs that you love and think are best suited for your wedding.  Then download them and burn them to a few CD’s.  Train one of your outgoing friends to act as a DJ and monitor the playlist. They can still be a part of the reception and DJ your party throughout the night getting the crowd excited and rooting on the married couple. You can rent equipment, just Google “DJ equipment” with your local city and you are sure to get a few options to choose from.


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