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5 Organization Habits That Can Increase Your Wealth

by on July 3, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Whether it’s your office at work, locker at school (for the kiddies), kitchen cabinets or bedroom, being organized can make your life more enjoyable and less stressful. Living an organized lifestyle can also help increase your long-term wealth!  Now what I’m telling you is not new or mind-blowing, but I do have a list of habits you can implement into your daily life to become more organized, less stressed and the best part, richer! You would be surprised how much spending you can reduce and how much more money you can save and invest if you are organized.

1. Transfer all your finances and bills to the Internet – For most people, this is already the norm. Still, many people manually pay their bills in person or over the phone. Without an online paperless trail, you may either forget when that bill was paid or don’t have a receipt of that transaction to include in your overall budget, which could land you in financial chaos.  There are so many joys associated with paying your bills and managing your financial accounts online. You don’t have to waste money on ink or paper to print stuff out; you can pay or check on your accounts from just about any location as long as you have WIFI; you don’t have to worry about organizing and keeping track of all those papers; and you can overall eliminate the clutter! Just about every service provider and banking institution offers a free online account where you can manage and monitor all of your activity. By going paperless, you will also reduce waste, help the environment and even better, you won’t find yourself losing that $20 dollar bill or loose change any more because everything is online!

2. Labels galore! – One thing that being disorganized requires is a bunch of patience, which many, including myself don’t have much of. Don’t you hate it when you lose stuff, especially money, and become frustrated?! What’s worse is when you first buy something and barely a week goes by and you’ve already lost that item! ARGH! What happens next? You are forced to go buy the exact same thing again! Save yourself money, time and patience by giving everything a “home” or a place with labels. You won’t have to worry about ever forgetting where something is because you have everything labeled. For filing in particular, labeling in alphabetic order will be your friend in the long-term.  Also remember to label EVERYTHING, even down to the clutter and “random stuff.” This way you will rarely find yourself losing stuff or your temper.

3. Clean & rid yourself of the clutter every season – Although it may sound overwhelming at first, start dedicating one weekend every season to reorganizing your stuff and eliminating the old or worn out items.  Over a year, that is only 4 times every 12 months! Spend the weekend re-organizing every room in your home all the way down to the bathroom. Don’t forget your car and work space as well!

4. Sell or donate your clutter – After you clean and de-clutter your home, car and work space, what are you going to do with all that leftover unwanted stuff? Instead of just throwing it away, you probably have some items that you can donate to someone who could really benefit from it. Better yet, sell your stuff and make a few extra bucks! The less stuff you have, the easier it is to be organized. Always ask yourself “Do you really use that item on a consistent basis?” If the answer is no, get rid of it! By the time you do this throughout your entire home, you could end up with a few hundred dollars’ worth of valuable stuff that can be sold at a yard sale or thrift store.

5. Make a plan – If you fail to plan, that is the perfect plan to fail! As much as you may be fighting it, in order to manifest your thoughts, goals and dreams into reality, you need to materialize them and set measurable goals for yourself! PowerWallet, a free online money management and money savings tool is the perfect way to do this for your financial lifestyle. You can set spending limits, create a spending and savings plan, set up bill alert reminders, earn free stuff as you budget for the future, and cut your living costs by using PowerWallet’s daily deals and customized coupons. PowerWallet is a great FREE resource that can help you achieve and measure your financial goals. There really is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t sign up for PowerWallet because its FREE, secure and super easy to use!

Do you have another organization tip that we left out? Leave us a comment in the comment section right below this post! We’d love to hear your ideas and tips!

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