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6 Frugal Ways High School Students Can Use Their Summer Vacay

by on June 29, 2012

By Samantha Savory

We are almost two weeks into summer 2012! What fun and frugal things have you accomplished so far? Get off your Smartphones, laptops, iPads and video games and do something active and fun! Summer time is a great opportunity to catch up on getting in shape, earning extra cash and getting a head start on next year’s academic school year. We have compiled a frugal list of ways to do all of these activities and more while staying under budget!

1. Exercise at the beach or park – If you are fortunate enough to live near a great park or beach, use Mother Nature’s resources to help stay fit this summer! This is a great frugal living tip that will help you achieve that summer body you have been desiring!

2. Volunteer at your local library or grade school — Do something that will benefit your local community and earn volunteer hours that you need to graduate or get a college scholarship and help take care of the young kids at your local grad school or community library.  You can read to them, help them learn and by giving back and helping others, you will feel proud and special of yourself.

3. Volunteer at a local animal shelter – Are you a big animal lover? There are so many homeless or less fortunate cats and dogs at animal shelters that could use your loving support and health! Use some of your spare time this summer to volunteer at your local animal shelter and receive high school volunteer hours to help you reach your graduation date easier! To learn the requirements of volunteering at an animal shelter, click here.

4. Get a part-time job – Check your local grocery store and become a grocery bagger. Kids as young as 15 years old can work at grocery stores, just make sure to get permission from your parents first!  If a position is not available, post signs offering to walk neighbor’s dogs or even do yard work for a great rate! You have to be dedicated but it will help you make a nice chunk of cash that you can save towards college or back-to-school shopping in the fall.

5. Read an hour a night – Take advantage of your local libraries resources and rent out a new book each week of the summer. It is a frugal way to entertain yourself and remember, just because it is summer time doesn’t mean you should stop learning and reading!

6. Babysit – Network with your neighbors and find out who has young kids and start a mini-babysitting service! Of course with your parents’ permission, you can safely babysit 1 or 2 kids at a time and earn extra cash for the summer!

Remember to be smart about your money.  Even if you are making extra cash and have the luxury of not having any bills to pay for, be smart about your money! Visit to sign up for free and start taking power over the money that you have!  


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