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Part 2: 8 Ways to Save on Summer Vacation

by on June 11, 2012

By Samantha Savory

As the beginning of summer continues, we have come up with even more powerful money saving ways to help you get the most wallop for your wallet while on summer vacation!  It’s important to balance financial planning and a realistic lifestyle while still having fun and finding ways to relax and enjoy your hard earned money.  Check out these 8 frugal money saving tips to help you stay within your summer spending limits:

1. Plan ahead – Use PowerWallet to help to set a summer vacation savings goal three months in advance and then continue to track your progress in real-time.   

2. BYOB – Are you planning to vacation on a cruise this summer? Here’s an insider tip you will thank us for later: drinks, whether they are alcoholic or not, are priced high! Usually between $8 – $20, now just imagine going on a 4-5 day cruise – that could add up to a huge expense! Instead, bring your own bottles and make sure to pack them in your suitcase. Remember to not pack your beverages in your carry-on bags as those bags are checked for beverages.  This could save each person several hundred dollars on drinks!

3. Be flexible – The summer is over three months long. Be flexible when you travel according to where the best deals are!  If it’s cheaper to go on vacation at the end of summer rather than the beginning, do that and save hundreds of dollars on airfare and hotel! Also, remember to research where the tourist populated travel spots are – you may want to avoid those locations because they may cost more to visit.

4. Travel on Tuesday or Wednesday – If you are flying to your summer vacation destination, try to book your flight on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Airlines are known to offer more affordable flights mid-week.  Also, look for red-eye flights that leave at 6am, it could save you a little more money.

5. Do your research – Before you travel to a new destination, especially out of the country, make sure to research what activities you want to partake in and make an estimated budget so everyone

6. Take advantage of PowerSavers – PowerSavers are what we call our daily deals and customized coupons.  As you use PowerWallet, it will recognize your geographical location and analyze your spending history and interests in different activities, and then offer you great customized coupons that you could use.

7. Vacay with a group – If you want to vacation at extraordinary hotels and resorts, get together at least 5 of your closest friends or family members to help split the costs.

8. Use PayPal – Create a paypal account and give all your best friends or family access to it.  If you are planning on renting a hotel suite or something that requires money from several people, assign a team leader who is in-charge of booking reservations and managing/planning the trip finances.  Everyone can go on PayPal to securely transfer their portion of the hotel expenses and no one will have to front their own money possibly putting them in financial binds.


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