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10 Frugal & Fun Summer Activities for Your Kiddies

by on June 8, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Frugal living this summer is a must to staying under budget and on-task towards your long-term financial goals!  Use PowerWallet to help you save and plan more, but also check out these frugal and fun summer activities you can do with your kids to help them enjoy their summer vacation without costing you a ton of money!

1. Homemade Water Slides – Check out your local Wal-Mart or dollar store for a Slip N Slide Waterslide like this one! You can get them for as cheap as $10! This is a great fun summer activity option for the kids rather than heading to your nearest water park and paying $30 per person on top of paying for overpriced fast food!
2. Beach Day – Very few expenses come with taking your family to the beach! A few snacks, bottles of water, sunscreen and towels and you are set to have a fun summer beach day!

3. Slumber Party Sleepover – Let your kid(s) invite over 3 to 4 of their best friends for a fun slumber party! Order some pizza pies and give them some PG13 movies and game boards, and you will have them entertained for quite some time without overspending.

4. Fishing – Do you have a canal or lake somewhere near your home? Take your kids on a fishing trip and spend quality family time!

5. Neighborhood Talent Show – Let your kids get together with their local neighborhood friends to create, practice and put on a fun entertaining talent show. You never know, this may turn into a true passion for your child and lead them to go and be the next Angelina Jolie!

6. Lemonade Stand – Teach your kids the basics about money and how hard it is to earn it by helping them set up and run a lemonade stand in your local neighborhood.

7. Kiddie Car Wash – Let your kids host a neighborhood car wash and earn some extra cash to go towards their back-to-school clothes shopping!  This will help save you money AND keep them busy this summer!

8. Volunteer at Local Animal Shelter – Take your kids to your local animal shelter to help take care of cats and dogs and help them find good homes!  This is a chance for your kids to love and play with all the wonderful less fortunate animals at the shelter while still helping their local community. Make sure to ask the shelter if your kids if they can earn community service hours for their middle or high school requirements.

9. Toy Yard Sale – Kids love to get money, help them earn some extra cash for new toys by selling some of their used toys in a local toy yard sale.

10. Visit your local library for special events and reading activities – Continuing to allow your children to read and write over the summer is important to their education! Make sure to take some time out from the physical fun activities and take them to the library to read!  Also, check your local library for events — more librbaries will host book readings and other relevent events throughout the summer.

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