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7 Frugal Ways to Save on Summer Traveling

by on June 7, 2012

By Samantha Savory

1. Fly with Southwest Airlines – Compared to other airlines, Southwest airlines offers one free carryon bag and two free stow away luggage’s – that can save you over $100 on traveling! Most luggage fees are $25 per suitcase! Instead, opt to use that money on something fun like para-sailing or jet skiing! Also, FYI – Spirit Airlines now charges for carry-on backs so if you can, try to find another airline in an effort to avoid additional travel costs.

2. Pack light – This may be mission impossible for some ladies, but by planning ahead and writing out what you will need for your summer vacation, you can cut out what you really don’t need and what is essential.  If you are going on a road trip, the less weight in the car, the longer your gas will last you and less re-fills will be required, saving you a little extra cash.

3. Look for deals at least 3 months in advance – You can fly just about anywhere round-trip for $200 or less if you book the flight a few months in advance. The same goes for hotels and rental cars – the sooner you book them, the more money you will get to keep in your pocket!

4. Shop around on Living Social and Groupon – Major deals sites have amazing travel packages for abroad including visiting Mexico, Japan, or Western Europe for up to 60% less than what it would cost you if you booked airfare and hotel on your own! Sign up

5.  User PowerWallet to plan and save – Set a savings goal with PowerWallet, a free online money management tool. Easily track all your expenses, income, transactions and stay on target so you can take that much deserved summer vacay!

6. Travel off-peak season – It makes sense that during tourist season, the prices for vacationing cost a ton more. Consider researching your vacay destination and when the peak and low of their tourist season is and then make plans to visit when it’s off-peak season.  It could save you up to 30% on your total costs for your summer travel plans.

7. Pack ahead of time – Don’t be a procrastinator when it comes to packing for a summer trip! You could end up finding yourself rushed and then forget key items that you will have to purchase once you get to your get-a-way destination, which will only cost you more money! Also, if you plan ahead, you will have time to figure out what items you really need and you won’t find yourself over packing additional unneeded outfits.
How are you managing your money and saving for your next summer vacation? Visit to sign up for free and start taking power over your saving capabilities!


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