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Stop Splurging NOW! Learn New Ways to Improve Your Spending Habits

by on May 29, 2012

By Samantha Savory

If you are a new user to PowerWallet, I am sure you are still in the process of discovering all the great ways you can take power over your finances with our new money management tool.  With technology being the central platform for many aspects of our lives, no more are the days where we break out scrap paper and write down a budget just to lose it or not stick to it.

With PowerWallet, you can stay on top of your budget, spending limits, bills, investments AND get customized coupons anywhere at any time from your Smartphone, tablet or computer. PowerWallet started with one simple idea to help people organize and manage their personal finances more efficiently.  Then, we combined all the best money saving tools and technologies to enable users to put the power back into their wallet.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your spending habits or perhaps prevent splurging:

1. Visit Pinterest on the regular – Are you someone who finds comfort and ease in shopping when stressed? Although it may seem like it’s not a big deal, it can have serious implications on your spending plan and financial goals.  In the long-run, overspending may just create more stress and anxiety in your life.  Instead of shopping all the time, check out Pinterest, a virtual pinboard social photo sharing website encompassing beautiful images of consumer goods, home decor, and more. Follow your favorite stylists and brand labels to like and pin all the cute home goods and summer ensembles that your heart desires and don’t spend a dime!

2. Set customized spending limits in your PowerWallet – Challenge yourself to spend less and save more with PowerWallet! Improving your spending habits and sticking with the same old splurging could be the difference between putting a down payment on your first home and living with your parents.  Set spending limits for different financial aspects of your life including where your annual work bonus goes or how much you spend on eating out.  You can set up the limit for as long or as short as you want and when you are approaching each limit, we will send you an email notification so you won’t have to worry about tracking your money or overspending.

3. Use PowerWallet’s customized coupons & deals – Who has time to roam miscellaneous websites, blogs and app’s for coupons? We know you don’t and that is why we incorporated our deals and offers into the PowerWallet tool. PowerWallet takes a strategic approach to its deals, instead of offering you random deals that you may never use, the system looks at your spending history and geographical location and only offers you deals that you will really use.

Your time and money is important and should not be wasted.  Make sure to start powering on your finances today with PowerWallet, a free online money management tool!


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