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Set & Reach Your Financial Goals With PowerWallet

by on May 24, 2012

By Samantha Savory

As spring winds down and summer approaches, it’s time to re-evaluate our short-term and long-term financial goals and objectives.  Did you achieve everything you aimed for over the past few months?

When it comes to your personal finances, do you have an emergency fund stash that will cover at least three months’ worth of living costs? Do you have your credit card debt paid down? Are you being consistent with cutting costs where you can when it comes to living expenses? If you answered no to any of these financial duties, no worries! PowerWallet can help you achieve all of these tasks and much more!

Here are 6 financial goals that you can set and attain with the help of PowerWallet:

1. Increase emergency fund – Link your savings account to PowerWallet and monitor your saving goal with ease!

2. Save for retirement – Link your retirement plans into PowerWallet and always be in the know when it comes to how much you are putting into your account each month, how much your employer is matching and how the investment is growing over time.

3. Cut living cost expenses – Once you have linked your credit and debit cards into PowerWallet, all your spending history will reviewed bu PowerWallet’s sophisticated deals system and you will get customized coupons and discounts for the places you actually shop at. This will effortlessly help you cut down your living expenses without sacrificing your quality of life or precious time.

4. Manage credit card debt – Credit card debt can spiral out of control in just a few months if you don’t pay very close attention to your balances and when payments are due.  To help get a clear picture of how much money you have and need to conquer your credit card debt, use PowerWallet!

5. Reduce spending splurges – PowerWallet’s spending limits is a great feature that can help keep you in line for how much you want to spend in various categories. For example, if you only want to spend $100 on eating out for a month, you can easily set that limit and as soon as you approach the limit, PowerWallet will text or email you a notification so you can halt spending before you find yourself over budget.

6. Pay bills on time It’s really hard to keep track of all your bills especially if you have a big family. From your kid’s sports activity expenses, to school-related costs, to your gym bill, mortgage payment, etc., it can drive a person a little crazy trying to keep track of it all on top of the daily hustle and bustle that life has to offer.  With PowerWallet, you can put input all of your bills and the dates in which they are due and then, every month, you will get a reminder when a direct payment/deposit will be taken out/deposited into your account or when you need to personally pay a bill.  This way, you won’t have additional unnecessary expenses when it comes to accrued interest or late fees!

7. Get a full picture – The best part about PowerWallet is that it lets you see everything you need to know about your personal finances in one secure and easy-to-read place.  From your online bill accounts to financial accounts, it’s all there for you to see so you can get a real-time and accurate understanding of where you stand financially and where you would like to be in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Visit today to sign up for FREE and start powering on your finances!

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