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5 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

by on May 23, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Memorial Day is just around the corner – the big question is, what are you going to do with your long weekend? Take a family vacation trip?  If you have opted to stay home this weekend, we have some fun and frugal activities for you to partake in that won’t cost a ton of money.

Memorial Day is a traditional federal holiday observed in America the last Monday of May to honor all Americans who have served and died in all U.S. wars. It’s a great time for everyone to enjoy a long weekend off of work and school to remember and  the men and women who have sacrificed their life while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Here are 5 affordable ways to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend with friends and family:

1. Make it a Beach Day – Break out your red, white and blue for patriotism and take your friends and family to the beach and have a festive beach day.  Make the day even more fulfilling by turning it into a beach BBQ potluck. This will enable everyone to eat without overspending.

2. Visit a National Park – Visit a national park in your area for family picnic and Frisbee session.  This link provides a list of all U.S. national parks by state.

3. Attend a Free  Local Concert – Major cities like Washington D.C. are hosting free Memorial Day concerts including one on the West Lawn of the Capitol on Sunday, May 27 at 8pm. The performers will include DAUGHTRY, Trace Adkins and Gary sinise.  Check out your local newspaper for concerts and festivals taking place this weekend in your local neighborhood in honor of Memorial Day.

4. Participate in a Charity Event – Across the nation, many charity events are taking place throughout Memorial Day weekend. Visit for a list of the best Memorial Day races and other charity events. Also check your local newspaper for charity drives where donations are being collected for retired vets and family members of deceased vets.

5. Take Your Kids to a U.S. History Museum — If you live in cities like Washington D.C. or Atlanta and you haven’t already taken your kids to some of the awesome museums available, Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity! Click here to see the top 10 U.S. history Museums and their locations.

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