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Mother’s Day Fun & Frugal Yummy Delights

by on May 11, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Being a mom may possibly be the hardest job ever and for that reason alone, we should all want to spoil and cater to our mom’s this Mother’s Day, May 13.  Unfortunately, if you are on a budget like myself, you may not be able to pamper your mom with all the expensive gifts that she deserves. No worries – instead, opt to bake her something yummy and sweet with love!

Here are 3 fun and frugal yummy delights that you can make your mom this Mother’s Day to show her how much you adore her!

1. Custom-made “MOM” cookies – Treat your mother to a yummy dessert treat that will show your love with cookies that spell out “MOM!” This way, your mom will be happily surprised and you won’t find yourself spending money you don’t have. Check out some “MOM” cookie cutters here or check your local grocery store.

2. Chocolate covered strawberries – If you buy chocolate covered strawberries from your local Godiva shop, you will be looking at $7 or more per strawberry! That is a ton of money.  To help get the same effect for much less money, buy a carton of strawberries and a bag of Nestle chocolate chips from your local grocery store and use this video tutorial to make a homemade version!

3. “I ❤ MOM” Cupcakes – After baking some homemade cupcakes, all you need is some cute gummy hearts and some icing to jazz them up for Mother’s Day! Here are some decoration instructions to help get an idea of how easy and thoughtful this idea would be as your gift this Mother’s Day!

If you have more fun baking ideas for Mother’s Day, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section!

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