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Experts Say Your Emergency Fund Needs a Boost, Let PowerWallet Help

by on May 8, 2012

By Samantha Savory

When you actually sit down and think about all the money you are supposed to save for emergencies, it can become overwhelming.  Most financial experts suggest stashing 3 to 12 months’ worth of your cost of living in case you lose your job.  They also recommend stashing emergency funds for a rainy-day, plus funds for a possible medical emergency and the list can just keep going and going.  Unfortunately, without the proper money management skills and a robust personal financial management tool, it can be hard for the regular American worker to manage their personal finances on top of their full-time responsibilities like working full-time, going to school full-time or being a parent.

A study conducted by stated that only 46% of Americans haven’t saved enough to cover three months of expenses and only 24% have saved enough to cover six months or more.  These are frightening emergency saving statistics, but good news – there are ways to improve your savings!

PowerWallet, the safest and easiest way to manage your finances online, is a great tool to use to overhaul your savings goals and achievements.  With PowerWallet, you can view all of your bills, credit accounts, online bill accounts and investment accounts in one secure location that is easy to view.   The best part – hmmm, that may be debatable but I will go with the fact that PowerWallet is FREE to use!

If you start saving for retirement in your early 20’s, your investments can quadruple because it will have a longer amount of time to earn interest.  Use PowerWallet to pinpoint where you are overspending and start revamping your way back to financial success!

Visit today to start powering on your finances and saving for future goals!


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