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5 Loving and Thrifty Gifts for Mom

by on May 7, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Sunday, May 13, is when children of all ages across the United States will have an extra opportunity to show their love and appreciation for all the hard work that their mom’s have done to raise them.  Being a mother is a hard job and many say it’s the best gift any woman could ever have.  Finding a gift that shows how much you love and care for your mom while still not breaking the bank can be a challenge. Instead of going with the standard dozen flowers, chocolate or homemade dinner idea, we have a few creative yet thrifty gift ideas you can use this Mother’s Day.

1. Tiffany charm – Does your mom already have a Tiffany necklace or bracelet that has room for a charm or two? Check out and find a cute charm under $100 that fits your mom perfectly.  You can get various designs from “I love you” to a charm that just says “MOM.”  This way, she can get a little addition to her favorite jewelry piece without costing a fortune.

2. Clean the house – Give your mom the day off from cleaning and organizing and clean the entire house for her! From the kitchen, to the living room and even her bedroom, make sure to be thorough in an effort to show your true appreciation for all that she has done for you!

3. Car wash – Washing the inside and outside of a car can take hours!  And it’s amazing how fast a car can get funky through all the hustle and bustle that life throws at us between work, school, running errands and going out for fun.  Give your mom a personalized gift certificate for one free car wash and tell her she can use it whenever!  Make sure to write on the certificate that it never expires!

4. Personalized locket necklace – Check out cool sites like Etsy for unique and fashionable locket necklaces for under $30.  Once you have found the perfect necklace that suits your mom, insert a picture of your and her into the locket – not only will it become a pretty addition to your mom’s jewelry collection but it will hold sentimental value that she will truly cherish.

5. Bake a cake – Whether it’s cupcakes or a cake, bake your mom her favorite yummy dessert this Mother’s Day! It’s cheaper than buying her expensive chocolate or candies and gives a personalized touch of love and affection!

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