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3 Bad Money Habits PowerWallet Can Help You Ditch

by on May 2, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Many Americans mishandle their money and find themselves stressed out, worried and unhappy because of financial problems.  With free access to PowerWallet’s secure and easy-to-use money management tool, users can regain their financial independence and live a prosperous and healthy lifestyle once again.  But first – here are 3 bad money management habits that you may have and how PowerWallet can help you ditch them.

1. Lack of a plan – Failing to plan is a plan for failure.  Many people find themselves in severe debt or financial problems because they don’t plan, monitor their spending or create a budget on a regular basis. With PowerWallet, users can decide how much money they realistically can spend on each category of their expenses and get alerts if they are approaching the limits. PowerWallet helps keep users in check when it comes to how much they can plan, spend and save, making it easier to stick to their personal financial plan.

2. Lack emergency savings nest – Another common way many people find themselves in serious money trouble is because they never save money for a rainy day or emergency.  Sign up for a free savings account with a local bank and link that account to PowerWallet so you can start tracking your savings goal!  By creating a significant savings nest, you will be more prepared and less stressed when an emergency comes up or when you need to make a major purchase.

3. Lack full picture of your personal finances – If you don’t have a complete and accurate picture of your current financial situation, how can you expect to improve it? With PowerWallet, you can get a full view of all your financial accounts including your credit cards, checking accounts, investment accounts and any other account. This will help you determine where to cut costs, how much you should budget in each category and what needs improvement.

To get FREE access to PowerWallet, visit and sign up today! It’s easy, FREE and all your personal and financial information is secure and backed up by bank-level security.

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