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3 Ways to Make PowerWallet Your Buddy

by on May 1, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Many people associate planning and budgeting with being an annoying chore but PowerWallet, the safest and easiest online money management tool, will forever change your outlook about managing your finances. With PowerWallet, you will stop looking at budgeting as a hassle and more as a planning process that is easy and fun.  The President of PowerWallet, Bob Sullivan, has one simple yet genius philosophy — “Not everyone likes to budget, but everyone needs a plan.”

Here are 3 ways PowerWallet can take the gloom out of managing your money and make you feel proud about your personal finances.

1. Power on with a positive mindset – Once you sign up for PowerWallet and start using it on a regular basis, your attitude about money management will change for the better.  With the easy-to-use interface, you should find yourself psyched into achieving financial success.  PowerWallet is a great personal financial management tool that can help individuals of all income levels. Don’t let old money problems get you down and start living a more secure and healthy life with PowerWallet!

2. Make a realistic plan – With the help of PowerWallet, make realistic long-term and short-term goals and then let PowerWallet help you achieve them! With spending limits and bill pay reminders, you won’t have to worry about spending too much or keeping track of all your various bills any more. 

3. Save as you plan – One of the best features PowerWallet has to offer are the coupon incentives.  Not only can you plan and budget but you can also earn great coupons and discounts based upon your spending history.  The PowerWallet system is designed to learn as you spend so you will only receive offers and deals that you actually care about and will use, helping you get more bang for your buck in the long run!

To get FREE access to PowerWallet, visit and sign up today! It’s easy, FREE and all your personal and financial information is secure and backed up by bank-level security.

  1. Interesting, is this only available in the USA or other countries too? Is there more info on the company? I do like the concept.

  2. As of right now, PowerWallet is only available to U.S. citizens. Stay tuned for expansion in the future.

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