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Frugal Living: 5 Easy Ways to Stop Impulse Buying

by on April 26, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Have you ever seen Confessions of a Shopaholic? Although the movie came out in late 2009, it still serves as a great source for shopping do’s and don’ts.  The main character, Rebecca Bloomwood, played by Isla Fisher, was a shopping addict and a serious impulse buyer.  Her crazy shopping habits found her in major credit card debt. Here are 5 lessons from the movie that can help you stop impulse buying!

1. Use PowerWallet – Visit and sign up for free access to start planning and managing your personal finances in one secure place.  You can set spending alerts so you don’t over shop and you can see all your financial accounts in one easy-to-read location. In addition to helping you turn budgeting into a painless act, you can earn points and get access to great coupons for items you actually buy!

2. Don’t shop when you are stressed or upset – Although most women may agree that shopping therapy tends to make us all feel better when we are mad or sad, in the long run, when you see your next credit card statement, you are just going to feel even worse. Instead opt for online window shopping or sign up for Pinterest, the latest social media network that offers beautiful pictures of everything from the latest spring purses to pretty interior decorating.

3. Shop alone – If you shop with others, they may end up having an influence on your purchasing power.  Either shop alone so you can think clearly about your purchases or shop with friends and family that you know are frugal!

4. Freeze your credit cards – If your self-restraint is really that bad, put your credit cards in a bowl of water and stick it in the freezer.  By freezing your credit card, you won’t have easy access to it.  By the time you take it out and it melts, hopefully you will have come to your senses as to whether you really need to make that credit purchase.

5. Be a conservative sales shopper – Many retailers try to reel people in claiming they are offering them a “10 percent discount” when in actuality, they just increased the price just to reduce it.  It’s all a psychological mind game – unless you find a 30 or 50% off sale on an item that you really need or have had your eye on for a while, don’t fall for the impulse buy!

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