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5 Easy & Frugal Ways to Go Green This Earth Day

by on April 20, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Earth Day 2012 is this Sunday, April 22 and it is the day that Americans celebrate the environment and all things green.  From the way you dispose of your garbage, to the cleaning products you use to the way you drink water – you can reduce your carbon imprint on Mother Earth with these impactful yet simple changes. The best part is that it will help you save money and enable you to be more environmentally friendly.

  1. Invest in a water filter – If you’re not one of the lucky refrigerator owners who has a filtered water dispenser built into their fridge, invest in a faucet water filter.  They typically range from $30 – $100 and will cut down your bottled water addiction that is not only costly but not helpful to the environment.  Buy a reusable water bottle and refill it with clean purified water as much as you want! Putting the climate change debate aside, even if you do not care about conserving the planet, at least think about the purification that comes from using a water filter.  With a micro filter, 99.9% of microbial cysts, chlorine and other pollutants are removed – results you cannot receive on the same level with bottled water.  If the faucet filter is too much of a commitment for you, invest in a water filter pitcher like this one.
  2. Recycle – Did you know that you can sell back your empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans? Yep, depending on what state you live in, you can earn money for recycling! Simply create two or three trash bins – one for trash, one for plastic and one for aluminum.  Once they have filled up, bring your recyclables to the nearest recycling center.  Visit  to find the nearest location in your city. You can earn an extra $20 or more each month and put it towards saving for a big purchase.
  3. Shop online – Instead of driving to the mall every weekend, save time money and reduce your carbon footprint by shopping online.
  4. Close your blinds on hot days – A super simple way to reduce your home from getting super warm is to close your blinds on hot days.  This will prevent you from cranking down the air conditioner by a degree or two, saving you money and reducing your energy usage.
  5. Opt out of using plastic bags.  Plastic bags are pretty bad for the environment – they’re not biodegradable and once they find their way into the ocean, they can kill Mother Nature’s precious sea creatures. Some energy efficient experts estimate that a plastic bag’s lifespan can last up to 1,000 years.  Instead, opt in to using reusable cloth bags that are sold at most grocery and shopping stores for $1.00 each.  Keep them in the trunk of your car or by your front door so you can grab for your frequent shopping expenditures.
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