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5 Things You Should NEVER Pay Full Price For

by on April 18, 2012

By Samantha Savory

Why pay full price for an item if you don’t have to? Timing and knowing where and how to shop are the key factors to buying things for a reduced price. The PowerWallet team has conjured up a list of items that you should never pay full price for and how to take advantage of these savings.  This will not only put you in a better mood, but it will help you plan and budget your money better.

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1. Magazines – Whether it’s a high fashion magazine like Vanity Fair or a gardening magazine, instead of dropping $5.99 per mag, sign up for an annual subscription that usually never exceeds $25. Head over to sites like and save up to 80% on your magazine addictions, you will find yourself spending less than $2.00 per month!

2. Gift Cards – Paying full price for gift cards is a thing of the past! Instead of heading to your local retailer for a gift card, check out sites like Amazon, eBay or and pay 5% – 20% less than the amount on the gift card!  By reducing small costs throughout your budget, it will make a huge impact on your overall financial well-being.

3. Movie Tickets – Watch movies on the week days and save a few bucks.  Other ways to save on movie tickets include joining your movie theaters movie club which offer free snacks and movie tickets once you accumulate a certain amount of points.

4. Airfare – Shop on a Tuesday or Wednesday when tickets first go on sale and save up to 30 – 50% on airfare.  Also, airlines lower their prices every day but don’t advertise them.  Sign up for e-blasts from third part websites like Priceline or  These sites will notify you as soon as these hidden flights go on sale.

5. Water – Stop throwing away you money on bottled water and get a water filtered pitcher – not only will you be helping the environment and reduce pollution in a tremendous way, you will be cutting your drinking water costs in half.

6. Dining out – With sites like and, you should never pay full price to eat out again!  These deal sites typically offer 50-70% off dinner packages.

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