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5 Fab and Frugal Ways to Wear Green this St. Patrick’s Day

by on March 14, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day started out in the late 1500’s/early 1600’s and was originally a Roman Catholic feast day in Ireland that celebrated their Saints.  Fast forward to 2012, the holiday has transformed to a transcontinental celebration!  Every year on March 17, Americans in particular associate St. Patrick’s Day with not only the celebration of all Irish lads and lasses but also with fun parade’s, festive food, green beer drinking and a time to be jolly and wear outrageous green clothing to show Irish pride!  Even if you’re not Irish, it’s a great day to pretend to be!

To help you bring in this year’s St. Patties Day under budget and with style, we have devised a list of 5 fabulous and frugal ways to wear green!

1. Maneuver in Mint — If you live in an area that currently has cool weather, opt for a cute Mint green crochet sweater.  Get it at your local Forever 21 and dress it up with some Irish beads!

2. “Kiss Me! I’m Irish” pin/shirt – Check out eBay or your local mall for a fun and funky shirt to wear on St. Patrick’s Day and stay under $20! Remember to be prepared for random people blowing kisses at you or even trying to kiss you!

3. Green color blocking – Color blocking has been all the rage for the past year.  Take your color blocking skills to the next level for St. Pattie’s Day and use various shades of green to devise a chic and affordable look that you will be proud to wear to the office or to your local Irish pub! Check your local J.Crew or Macy’s to find green pieces to put together your color blocking outfit.

4. Dress up with a green dress! – H&M is selling cute spring time dresses that would be a perfect look for the ladies this Patties Day! The best part? They’re less than $25!  Check out your local H&M to start shopping today!

5. Green purse Dress in your regular every day Saturday ensemble this Pattie’s Day and just add a pop of green! H&M is selling an assortment of stylish purses that will help you show your Irish pride!

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