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Taking Advantage of Daily Deals

by on February 17, 2012

Yesterday’s blog post talked about browsing categories in the Offers tab of your PowerWallet platform to find discounts on items you don’t typically buy in your budget. But what if you just want to find daily deals in your local area? That’s where the Daily Deals section under the tab of your PowerWallet comes in to make saving money on everyday items easy!

If you’re not shopping for anything specific, but you just want to peruse daily deals and online coupons simply click on Daily Deals with the Offers tab of your PowerWallet. The Daily Deals page shows you all the hottest local discounts currently available for that day. The deal will show a percent discount, as well as showing how much money you’re saving and the discounted purchase price of your item.

You even get details, like the street address where the closest store is located and a time limit on how long the deal will last. That way if you’re not sure about redeeming a deal, you know how long you have to think about it before it’s gone and plan your shopping trips over the next few days to see if you’re going to be in the area.

Within the Daily Deals menu, you can also filter by type of product offering by selecting the category in the “View Deals in” menu. This allows you quickly find daily deals on dining, groceries, entertainment, events and even special treats to pamper yourself a bit without ruining your budget. It’s just one more way PowerWallet helps you save money on daily expenses and everyday items.

As with other Offers, to take advantage of one of the daily deals shown, simply click the SHOP NOW button and follow the on-screen instructions to redeem and/or print the deal. Plus (and even better) every time you redeem a daily deal, offer, or coupon you get PowerPoints, which you can put towards redeeming exclusive rewards from some of top retailers around the country—so you earn PowerPoints for saving, and save more when you spend your points!

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