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PowerSaver Icon Makes It Easy to Save

by on February 7, 2012

Taking advantage of personalized offers and deals is as easy as clicking your mouse every time you see the PowerSaver icon. This handy little symbol lets you know when there’s savings to be had—without you even having to go to the Offers page of PowerWallet. The icon appears on your Transactions and Budget tabs so you can save money even as you work on your finances.

On the Budget tab of your PowerWallet, the PowerSaver icon appears next to any spending plan category you’ve created when there’s an offer or deal related to that category. If you created a spending plan for Travel and Expedia has a special discount on hotel rates or getaways, the PowerSaver Icon appears on the line next to Travel. If you set a spending limit on Food & Dining, you see the PowerSaver icon every time there’s a coupon or offer from a local restaurant or chain near you. This way you save on what you actually spend money on, instead of getting offers for a bunch of activities you have absolutely no interest in.

The PowerSaver icon on the Transactions of your PowerWallet works in a similar way. You have a transaction at a restaurant and your PowerWallet automatically categorizes that transaction when it comes into the system. If there’s an offer in Food & Dining, the icon will appear on that transaction line. Just click on the icon and a screen will pop up showing what the offer is, how much you can save, and when it expires. Just click Shop Now and get started.

This is just another way PowerWallet makes it easy for you to save money at the same time you’re managing it. Each day’s offers and deals are run through our system so they can be compared to an anonymous record of purchase histories. If there’s a match, you see the PowerSaver icon. The system gets updated every day at 3AM (EST), so we really do mean it when we say, “We save while you sleep.”

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