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How PowerWallet Keeps Your Information Safe

by on February 2, 2012

Having the convenience of online banking is great, but only if you feel confident that your information isn’t going to be hacked or accessed by someone else. To make sure you can work in PowerWallet without worry, we’ve got all those security measures you like to hear about when it comes to online money management. That way, you can enter all your accounts and work on your finances with the peace of mind that you’re protected.

To start your information is sent over a 256-bit SSL encryption—that’s the same encryption your bank uses. The servers that host PowerWallet are offsite in a physically secure location with 24/7 security monitoring, so the program is running from a place that resembles a Fort Knox of internet servers. The system is also monitored with a network-based intrusion detection system (IDS), which basically protects you from hackers the same way a security alarm protects you from burglars.

In addition to all those bank-level internet protection and security measures, we also do everything we can to make sure no one but you can access you account. You’re the only person that has access to your login and password—not even PowerWallet employees can access those records. We also require several levels of authentication, where you have to verify you are you with personal questions and even matching an image you select when you create your account.

What about the personalized offers & deals?

When you talk about security, some people get a little worried about a big brother scenario when they hear PowerWallet gives you online offers and daily deals based on where you like to shop and what you buy. No one accesses your accounts to find your personalized deals—it’s all run through computers using algorithms. Basically a very smart computer runs anonymous purchase histories (i.e. the computer doesn’t even see your name) and compares them to that day’s current coupons, offers, and deals. The whole thing is done electronically, so no one is accessing your information.

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