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Offers You Can Actually Use

by on January 30, 2012

Online offers, coupons, and daily deals are great, but there is nothing more annoying than having your inbox flooded with savings you’ll never use. This is another place that PowerWallet provides a better way of doing things. With PowerWallet Offers, you get personalized filtering based on where you shop and what you buy—so you know you’re getting the best deals custom tailored to you.

Although many daily deal websites try to give you ways to filter your preferences it’s often not enough to keep you from being hassled. A filter narrows down what you see based on a certain characteristic. While most daily deal and coupon websites offer filtering, it’s often only as specific as asking your geographic region and gender.

The sites basically assuming every person of the same gender in the same area likes the same things. You can be 60 years old getting offers for pole dancing lessons. Even when you can set category filters, it never seems to narrow down what you get sent enough. Maybe you set a filter for health and beauty to see deals on spas, only to get inundated with offers for plastic surgery.

PowerWallet picks out deals and offers personalized to where you shop and what you buy. The system cross references your transactions and budget spending to determine what kinds of offers you can actually use. If you shop at a store that has a deal running, you see that deal. If you spend a good portion of your budget on a particular kind of expense, you receive savings for that, too. This way, you don’t have to wade through dozens of deals you don’t want just to find the one you do.

If you do want to browse offers to find savings on something you don’t usually buy, you can simply click on the Offers tab and use the categories to find what you need. This way, you can still use PowerWallet Offers to find great deals for your upcoming vacation even if you haven’t travelled in a while.

PowerWallet also learns as you work so the more accounts you enter, the more coupons you download, the more PowerWallet learns about your shopping and spending habits. You earn PowerPoints for redeeming coupons, too, so you earn as you save!

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